Welfare – Food & Medication

Cattery 365 Shefford strives to provide your cat with the ultimate boarding experience. This includes top quality dishes and some of the finest grooming. If your cats have certain dietary requirements or require to take medicine, you can rely on Cattery 365 to handle everything.

From hair trimming and also clipping to dining stylishly, your hairy buddy will be treated like nobility whenever they stick with us. We will look after every food and also drug requirements of your feline pal. Below are some of things we offer to them.

Hygiene & Care

We rejoice to change meals at your demand or provide any medicine or unique foods provided by you. Directing of medication and/or provided food might be based on a mild additional charge.

We suggest that owner-supplied food must be portioned. It has to be classified along with the name of your pet, and it needs to be marked either Tea or Morning meal.

Cattery 365 { name } suggests using clip lock bags with the proper portion of every meal.

Everyone goes outside after dinner for some play and also bathroom break prior to obtaining uninterrupted and bed linens down for the night.

That will certainly assist in suffering a high standard of sanitation as well as have delighted visitors.


Every cat needs to be immunized regularly against feline enteritis as well as influenza.

A present inoculation certification from your vet will certainly be required when your feline is boarded.

Every cat should have a existing flea control and also be wormed.

Vet Treatment

If your cat calls for treatment while in our care, we will contact our neighborhood vet.

In case the problem is significant, the vet of your cat will be telephoned prior to therapy is carried out.

When feasible, we suggest leaving contact information with us where you can be telephoned if required.


Cattery 365 caters for the fussiest of eaters. However, we do keep in supply a lot of selections of dry food and also tin food as well as even fresh meat too.

Here at Cattery 365, we offer all the materials needed for your cat boarding. This consists of bed linen, clutter frying pans, completely dry food and also more. Naturally, you’re greater than welcome to carry your own supplies as well.

Do you have a cat with unique demands?

We can also change our solutions to meet the demands of your cat.